Compliance Management



GreenSentries uses its own patented frameworks for rich custom dashboards for its MSS customers. This includes Compliance or Regulatory standards, Overall threat posture of the organization, Attack Trends and User Activity monitoring dashboards etc. Effective and well-designed SOC dashboards helps CERT team with actionable information and stakeholder’s metrics to check performance. For all applicable compliance standards like NESA, ISR, ISO27000 and PCI DSS custom dashboards are created. These custom compliance dashboards help the Security operations team in continuously monitoring the compliance status of the organization. This data can be used as evidentiary information at the time of audit by external agencies. The dashboards are designed with the intention of expediting the threat discovery process and forensic investigation. GreenSentries follows the best practice of creating custom dashboards for each customer rather than trusting on generic informational dashboards.

Customers are also provided with custom data models known as pivots that lets them report on a specific data set without the knowledge of complex correlation rules or search queries. Pivots uses data models to define the broad category of event data, and then uses hierarchically arranged collections of data model datasets to further subdivide the original dataset and define the fields that you want Pivot to return results on.

GreenSentries MSS offers different kinds of reports targeting different classes of consumers. For example, an executive summary report will only have a brief coverage of the Incident plus Damage in Dollars, this incident would have caused to the organizations or the possible damage it may create if it goes unattended. Such a report is aimed to help the “C” Level team (CSO, CEO, CISO, CTO) to make quick decision on how to respond to such an event and also to prevent the chances of such an event in future. The audit and compliance reports offered by GreenSentries helps organizations in positioning them correctly to the requirements of common regulatory compliance standards. For example, the PCI-DSS report offers provision to check all the possible security controls mentioned in PCI-DSS Version-3.2 standards.


A Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) is a critical tool for understanding the various threats to your IT systems, determining the level of risk these systems are exposed to, and recommending the appropriate level of protection.

While adding new applications or systems to your environment, making modifications to your existing Information Technology environment, or sharing information with new external entities, a TRA should be performed on the new components to ensure that you are not introducing new risks. Periodic TRAs on existing environments are required, since the threat landscape continually changes and so do the vulnerabilities in your environment.

GreenSentries customers will be able to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on the level of risk to their critical assets. GreenSentries TRAs provide actionable safeguards that anticipate and counter potential threats.

Our TRA services provides the foundation for a risk management program. Assessments ensure that appropriate and reasonable methods are in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of stored, processed, or electronically transmitted information..

Compliance Consulting and
Managed Compliance Services

Our regulatory and compliance offerings enable businesses to effectively manage their IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Management (IT-GRCM) requirements and stay upfront with evolving regulations and threats.

GreenSentries works alongside organizations to conduct end to end risk assessments to meet the regulatory framework prevailing in different parts of the world including PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards, ISO 27001 and 27002, NESA , DISR, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 80053, IEC (International Electro Technical Commission) 62443 and the ISACA COBIT framework.

Our unique risk mitigation process leverages our broad expertise and experience, including Managed Security Services for monitoring controls, Cyber Network Defense Services, Incident Response Services and Secure Communications, and Infrastructure & Systems Integration Services.

GreenSentries MSS offers Managed Compliance Services to its customers to help them achieve and maintain compliance standards within their environments. The following are the features and benefits of Managed Compliance Services.

  • Bundled outsourced compliance solution for a fixed monthly fee
  • Periodic performance of Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Policy Reviews, Configuration Reviews, Security Risk Analysis ,BIA and contingency planning
  • Training, certification and periodic audit and evaluation to keep your organization fully compliant all times
  • Hassle free journey to compliance with full time assistance at each step
  • Customer resources can focus on their core competencies without worry about compliance
  • Reduce the need for multiple knowledgeable and expensive staff that manage various aspects of compliance and security
  • Full time availability of knowledgeable resource for internal Information Security consulting
  • Compliance is a shared responsibility and no longer a responsibility of the customer alone
  • Overall reduction in costs and efforts