24/7 Security

Monitoring and Threat detection

Obtain complete visibility into your network

GreenSentries Security Monitoring provides 24/7/365 monitoring of your IT environment by our highly trained and certified security experts combined with enterprise-class SIEM and Log Management technology as a service. Our global Security Operations Center (SOC) team will monitor and analyze activity across your IT assets, continually reduce false positives, and provide timely notification of any security incidents along with remediation guidance.

GreenSentries Security Monitoring service shifts the burden of monitoring and understanding the technical impact of attacks from your team to ours, and provides independent advice to allow your team to focus on business response.

GreenSentries Threat Detection service provides advanced threat detection in an easily deployed offering supporting more than 500 discrete device types and log sources for comprehensive visibility throughout your environment.

  • 24x7x365 threat monitoring by highly skilled security analysts, including targeted threat hunting on an as needed basis to validate potential threats or confirm spread across the network
  • Custom developed use cases and threat monitoring as an available option to customers who desire specific monitoring controls
  • Cloud, hybrid or custom deployment models supported, including a number of third party SIEM systems and log aggregation products
  • Provides customers with an actionable list of all host systems affected and best practices advice and assistance with incident response and remediation activities

24/7 Incident response

Reduce your incident response time and minimize incident impact

Attackers and malicious code move fast. On occasions when prevention does not work, fast action is needed to block active attacks, contain compromises, and prevent breaches. When an attacker is scanning your network, a compromised device is communicating to a malicious external location, or malware is propagating laterally, a manual response is often not fast enough to contain the threat and prevent a breach.

The GreenSentries Managed Security Services team provides full lifecycle of Incident Response and Remediation requirements including:

  • Investigation of detected Indicators of Attack or Indicators of Compromise
  • Containment of an attack or compromise
  • Recovery and remediation of an asset
  • Management and measurement of the Incident Response process
  • Forensic investigation and enhancement of security controls

Managed On-premise SIEM

As network traffic and complexity increases, threat and compliance issues call for real-time alerting, correlation, analysis and auditing that can only be accomplished with security information and event management (SIEM) technology and a vigilant team of IT experts. GreenSentries Managed SIEM services provide world-class expertise, threat intelligence, efficiency and automation otherwise unavailable to most organizations.

GreenSentries relies on industry leading technology from Splunk Enterprise Security SIEM for monitoring and defending its customer environments. As part of the Managed SIEM service, Splunk Enterprise Security SIEM is set up and maintained by GreenSentries, so you can breathe easy and focus on your core business.

With the managed SIEM service the customer benefits from around-the-clock support from our Global Security Operations Centers (SOCs), staffed with experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience working with complex network environments for highly distributed environments.

Customers also benefit from integration of advanced threat intelligence feeds which is provided as a part of the Managed SIEM service.

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Log management and Retention

Log management is a process for collecting, analyzing, and storing large volumes of machine-generated log messages. These log messages are used to audit system activity, understand user behavior, investigate security incidents or suspicious activity, and generate compliance reports. Security information and event management (SIEM) provides a more holistic view of an organization’s security posture by centralizing, normalizing, and correlating data from multiple sources to detect suspicious activity, unusual patterns, unauthorized access, and a potential attack in near real time.

Many compliance regulations require log management as a fundamental step in securing data. Without proper log collection, threat detection and incident response become near-impossible tasks. In addition, implementing a log management solution is critical for risk management, security incident response, and reporting. Without collecting log data, it is extremely difficult to monitor and understand disparate network events taking place throughout your IT infrastructure.

GreenSentries Managed Security Services provides services to collect logs from the various sources within the customer environment including network devices, servers, applications, databases, end point security and other relevant security devices and applications. These logs are retained for a specific periods of time as per the requirement of the customer. The retained logs can be used for deep investigations and forensics analysis when required.

Global Threat Intelligence Feeds

Today’s cyber attackers are more erudite than ever. To predict and respond to their attacks, you need to understand their impetuses, intents, characteristics, and methods. Legacy, signature-based threat data feeds cannot deliver those insights, however, Cyber Threat Intelligence can.

In every major data breach, the victimized organizations had lots of security tools and staff. Even then, they were hit hard – losing millions of customers’ personal data records. Clearly, it is not safe to rely on the traditional cyber-security approach to ensure data-protection. In fact, nearly 75% of cyber- attacks are going undetected. Rather than waiting until you know you have been breached, it’s time to get proactive with cyber threat intelligence.

Cyber threat intelligence is evidence-based refined information that detects looming threats to your organization and helps alleviate your exposure to them. An efficient Cyber threat intelligence security team scrutinizes and prioritizes targeted and global threats so that your organization can proactively thwart security attacks. To sum up, Cyber threat intelligence (CTI), also known as Threat intelligence, is the knowledge that helps you identify security threats and make informed decisions in advance.

Threat intelligence is also helpful in the validation of correlation rules and relevancy check of a correlation output. Information provided by threat intelligence feeds can be used in reports and alerts as a context for better coverage of threats. GreenSentries Managed Security Services use combination of highly credible threat intelligence feeds to detect and thwart cyber-attacks on its customers.

Managed Host Intrusion Detection System

Protect your critical systems in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments with the built-in host-based intrusion detection system offered by our Security Appliance – GreenSentry. A host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) gives you deep visibility of what’s happening on your critical systems. With it, you can detect and respond to malicious or anomalous activities that are discovered in your environment.

While on its own, host intrusion detection does not give you a complete picture of your security posture, GreenSentries integrates and correlates HIDS log data to its analytics based SOC. GreenSentries eases security analysis and correlation by combining host-based IDS with other essential security capabilities in a single, unified security environment.

Managed Network Intrusion Detection System

With powerful intrusion detection system capabilities and integrated threat intelligence, GreenSentry Security Appliance accelerates threat detection in the cloud and on-premises. The Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) provides deep visibility into what is going on in your network and can help detect and respond to anomalous activities in your environment.

GreenSentries integrates NIDS logs directly into our analytics based SOC to ensure that the logs are correlated and analyzed.

User Behavior Analytics

GreenSentries relies on Splunk User behavior Analytics (UBA) to detect and respond to threats hidden within customer environments.
Sophisticated cyberattacks can be hidden and difficult to find, yet addressing these threats is critical to protecting confidential data. That means today’s security teams are tasked with finding and responding to the threats hidden in their environments regardless of organizational size or skillset.

Splunk’s Behavior-based threat detection is based on machine learning methodologies that require no signatures or human analysis, enabling multi-entity behavior profiling and peer group analytics – for users, devices, service accounts and applications. The result is automated, accurate threat and anomaly detection

Forensic Analysis Platform and Services

GreenSentries Internal Forensic Analysis Platform (IFAP) provides meaningful data for intrusion analysis in the shortest amount of time. IFAP is the comprehensive collection of data to ease the process of analysis to detect and respond into intrusions. Most of the modern-day organizations build their own Computer Incident Respond Team (CIRT).

CIRT team members use IFAP:
i. To collect and aggregate all network derived data.
ii. To analyze the captured network data to identify intrusions or intrusion attempts.
iii. To define the response strategy, in case of an attack.
iv. To perform forensic analysis and risk or damage analysis.

IFAP is not responsible for directly preventing intrusions, but it will help the organization to identify the attempts and prevent the objectives of adversaries. Data provided by the IFAP is very useful in predicting the objectives of an attacker. It is in fact quite difficult to detect data exfiltration attempts by using conventional security solutions.

Continuous Security Monitoring alone cannot give you sufficient protection from all threats. The good part is IFAP helps organizations to contain the activities of adversaries before they complete their mission. Security platforms like intrusion Prevention System, Content Filtering Solution, Antivirus etc. focuses on blocking or denying the attack from happening. IFAP can be used for providing better visibility of different phases of an attack.

Our IFAP deals with or captures different kinds of data. These include:

  • Full Content Data
  • Extracted Content Data
  • Transaction Data
  • Session Data
  • Statistical Data
  • Meta Data
  • Alert Data